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Save10 – An Opportunity for YOU!

Ask me howI’m doing something new, not instead of Administrative Support, but alongside it.

I just got on board with this new company called Save10. They started June 1, 2015, so really, REALLY new. I am an Associate, and I am going to tell you how you can become one too.

You add their phone app to your smart phone (it cost $10/month); and businesses that are associated with Save10 give you a 10% discount on everything you buy. Just show them your phone and then click the Save10 button to verify that you are a member. That’s it! If you don’t have a smart phone, there are others ways around it.

It’s like having a Costco or Sams membership but being able to use it in your favorite places! Yes, there is a cost involved… as well as an opportunity. I will explain what I know to the best of my ability.

But remember, I’m still new, so I might be wrong on some things.

Now I know this part might be off-putting to some of you, but please hear me out. This is a multi-level marketing (MLM) business. I’m not crazy about MLM companies as a rule, but this one has a lot of advantages and differences. AND this company did the same thing, very successfully, about 20 years ago. Because of the lack of technology available at the time, it was cumbersome and sort of fell in on itself. But now technology has caught up with the idea, so Save10 has been reborn! Here are some of the advantages:

  1. The buy-in is just $24/Year + $10/Month for the phone app (The app is the product). That’s it! No potions, lotions or pills to buy! (Most MLM companies are $100’s of dollars to start and you have to purchase expensive stuff every single month!)
  2. As an Associate you receive $1.00 for each person under you. Period. Not: 1st level is $1, 2nd level is $.80, 3rd level is $.75…
  3. The matrix is 4 wide and 8 deep. That means each person can have 4 people under them and those can have 4 under them and so until down to the 8th level.  Here’s a visual representation of the first 3 levels:MLM example
  4. It is a forced Matrix which means people can be placed under you by those above you to fill up their matrix of which you are a part. You still receive a dollar from each person placed in your matrix — you just won’t know who they are!
  5. Most people know that when you get into an MLM company at the beginning, you have a much greater chance of making more money!

Here is an example of the Matrix totally full.
Remember this is for information only and nothing is guaranteed.
You DO have to do the work!

Business Potential

The potential to earn good money is self evident!

This isn’t the kind of thing where you sit around on your duff and watch the money roll in. There really is some work to do. Someone in one of the meetings put it this way. “It’s something you can work part-time, but you cannot work just some times.” I like that!

First you have to share, share, share the concept with people. It’s important to get people signed up in the early stages. People that understand the long-term value will be your greatest assets in your business.

Second, you need to get out and talk to businesses in your area and tell them about Save10. I really can’t imagine too many businesses turning it down, after all it’s essentially Guaranteed Advertising with a great Return on Investment. They only “Pay” if they get a sale! (If they consider the discount “Paying”!)

Understand, some will not see the immediate value as there may not be companies in their area yet. However, you can always approach them later when there are. Others will, as I mentioned above, have the foresight to see the long-term value of getting in early.

If you have a Business and are interested in the Free Advertising, See the Business Presentation or Enroll your Business right now!

If you see the value of getting in early, and are interested in learning more about becoming an associate, please check out My Save10 Website or contact me at A new presentation for potential associates is coming in the next few weeks. But you can Enroll directly on my page now. I will do everything in my power to help you grow your business.

More information is being added daily but, if you are thinking this is for you, or you have questions, call me or email me. If I don’t KNOW the answer, I will get it from someone who does know the answer!

We have conference calls every Thursday
to explain how it all works — including what I might have missed.

Helping people build their business is what I love to do,
but now I can offer an opportunity for you to
START a potentially lucrative business too!

Join me on the call this Thursday 6:00 pm Pacific, there’s no obligation. Contact me for details.

Will you join me?

Some people were confused by my original post.

I’ve clarified some things in the text above, but I want to be super clear, so here it is in a nutshell:

1. It’s a legit business model with a legit product — A phone app that provides you with a 10% discount on ALL products purchased at Participating Businesses; there are a FEW exceptions, (like Alcohol for example) but not many. As a customer you pay $10/month (you can also pay $120 for the app for the entire year). Click on the video to find out more about becoming a customer:

2. You can sign up as an Associate and earn money, $1 for each Associate or Customer you sign up. Associates pay a fee of $24/year Plus $10/month for the app (you can also pay $120 for the app for the entire year). This is the primary focus of the blog post! Click Enroll to sign up (it’s secure, I promise!)

3. It’s a GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR BUSINESS OWNERS that deal with customers Face-to-Face to have FREE ADVERTISING for your business. YOU only have to guarantee any Save10 member a 10% discount at the time of purchase (product or service) when they show you their phone app. You DO NOT have to be a Customer OR Associate to take advantage of the free advertising, you just have to sign up! But you can be! Watch this Short Video to Learn More and SIGN UP TODAY FOR FREE ADVERTISING!

AFFILIATE LINKS: I may be compensated when you purchase a product or service by clicking on links in my website, blog, messages or other sources. I only recommend products and services that I would be willing to use myself. I also make every effort to choose reliable resources. You will not pay any more when you click through my links rather than buying from the source directly.
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Thoughtful conversations will always be welcome!

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